Measures against traffic vibration for wooden house



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To separate cases where research is unnecessary and cases where research is necessary by previously determining the necessity of research in performing traffic vibration research at a planned construction site. SOLUTION: According to this measures against traffic vibrations for a wooden house, a specific linear vibration source is identified as existing around the planned construction site and being the object of traffic vibration research from linear vibration sources such as automobiles, Shinkansen, etc. while identifying, as specific vibration source information, vibration source information including the kind of the specific linear vibration source and the kind of its traveling bed. The distance from the specific linear vibration source to the construction site is measured as a specific separation distance. The specific vibration source information and the specific separation distance are applied to predetermined traffic vibration research necessity data to calculate a predictive value on a vibration level at the construction site. When the predictive value is more than a desired upper limit value, it is determined that traffic vibration research is necessary to perform the vibration research at the construction site. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 建築予定地での交通振動調査を行うにあたり、その調査の必要性を予め判定することにより、調査不要な場合と調査が必要な場合とを選別する。 【解決手段】本発明に係る木造住宅の交通振動対策方法は、自動車、新幹線等の線状振動源のうち、建築予定地の周辺に存在し交通振動調査の対象となる特定線状振動源を特定するとともに該特定線状振動源の種類及びその走行基盤の種類を含む振動源情報を特定振動源情報として特定し、前記特定線状振動源から前記建築予定地までの距離を特定離間距離として計測し、前記特定振動源情報と前記特定離間距離とを予め定められた交通振動調査要否データに適用することによって前記建築予定地における振動レベルの予測値を算出し、該予測値が所望の上限値を上回っている場合に交通振動調査が必要であると判定し前記建築予定地で交通振動調査を行う。 【選択図】 図1




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