Method for burning flammable waste, and incinerator



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an incinerator 1 that can burn flammable waste containing dead birds and a disposable diaper without generating harmful substances, smuts, and foul odor, has a simple structure, and can be miniaturized easily. <P>SOLUTION: An incinerator body 2 formed by a fire-resistant heat storing material is divided in vertical directions by partition walls 4, 5, and a combustion gas circulation path 12 and a lower part 30b in which a carbonization combustion chamber 10 having a fire grate 16 and an upper space 12a communicate with the upper chamber of the carbonization combustion chamber and a lower space 12b communicates with a high-temperature gas introduction chamber 10c via a circulation lower chamber 13 communicate with the circulation lower chamber, and a flue 30 in which the upper part communicates with the atmosphere is formed. A burner 8 is arranged at a combustion gas circulation path or in a circulation lower chamber, thus generating high-temperature combustion gas along with a flame. The flammable waste in the carbonization combustion chamber is subjected to carbonization combustion by high-temperature combustion gas by a burner, the generated carbonization gas and combustion gas are circulated to the combustion gas circulation path, the carbonization gas is taken into the flame of the burner for burning, and one portion of the combustion gas is circulated to the carbonization combustion chamber from the circulation path and the remainder is discharged from the flue to the atmosphere. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 死鳥や紙おむつ等を含む可燃性廃棄物を有害物質や煤塵、臭気を発生することなく焼却でき、かつ構造が簡単で小型化の容易な焼却炉1を提供する。 【解決手段】 耐火性の蓄熱材で形成された焼却炉本体2が隔壁4、5で縦方向に互いに区画され、火格子16を有する乾留燃焼室10、上部空間12aが乾留燃焼室の上室に、下部空間12bが循環下部室13を介して高温ガス導入室10cにそれぞれ連通する燃焼ガス循環路12、及び下部30bが前記循環下部室に連通し、上部が大気に連通する煙道30が形成される。バーナ8が燃焼ガス循環路又は循環下部室内に配置され、火炎と共に高温の燃焼ガスを発生させる。乾留燃焼室内の可燃性廃棄物を、バーナにより発生する高温の燃焼ガスにより乾留燃焼させ、発生した乾留ガス及び燃焼ガスを燃焼ガス循環路に循環させ、乾留ガスをバーナの火炎に取り込んで燃焼させ、燃焼ガスの一部を循環路から乾留燃焼室に循環させると共に残部を煙道から大気に放出する。 【選択図】 図1




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