Temporary enclosing panel for building construction or internal remodeling without producing industrial waste and cleaning need



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a temporary enclosing panel which, for the construction of a new tenant's shop or its interior remodeling, can be assembled around the shop in a short time without producing dust or noises, quickly dismantled and removed without producing industrial wastes, and can allow workers to work fully taking safety and hygiene into account and giving no trouble to neighboring shops or visitors to the shop under construction or remodeling. SOLUTION: This temporary enclosing panel shall have aluminum square columns as a main component, each containing AN upper-half extension column, so as to enclose even a building space with high ceilings. Each leg base and column top reinforcement metal fittings of the respective columns are made of a rubber with a suction cup having incombustible protrusions for a slide-proof function so that these reinforcement metal fittings may not damage existing floor and ceiling materials. A panel fitted between columns shall be an aluminum-made honeycomb-patterned panel flush with the panel face. These panels are laterally connected with each other by an aluminum H-shaped joint. A soundproof rubber is inserted into a contact surface between each joint and panel. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 新規テナント出店工事や店舗改装時に粉塵や騒音を発生させずに短時間で組立られ、産業廃棄物を出さず短時間で解体撤去でき、隣接店舗や来店者に迷惑をかけず、安全衛生にも配慮して作業の出来る仮囲の提供。 【解決手段】 主部材の柱はアルミ製の角柱とし、天井の高い空間にも対応できる様上部柱を内臓した構成とし、既設床材及び天井材を損なうことの無い様に柱脚ベース及び柱頭補強金物を不燃性突起付滑り防止機能付吸盤付ゴム製としている。柱間のパネルはアルミ製のハニカム入りフラッシュ製とし、横繋ぎはアルミH型の継手材を使用し、継手材とパネルの接触面には防音ラバーを挿入している。 【選択図】 図17




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