Panel mounting bracket and mounting structure



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a mounting bracket to be installed in a skeleton having both panel damage preventive performance to out-of-plane directional force without leaving a machine screw trace on a surface of a wall panel; and a thin panel mounting structure extremely easy in a construction method using it mounting bracket, in the bracket for installing a thin panel such as an ALC panel in the skeleton of a building. SOLUTION: This panel mounting bracket is composed of a fixing metal fitting and a gripping metal fitting. The fixing metal fitting is constituted by being integrally molded in a cross-sectional inverse L shape out of a base part composed of a vertical surface abutting on the skeleton of a building and an overhang part bent at a right angle in the wall outside direction from the base part upper end. The base part has a screw hole, and the overhang part has a support hole for penetratingly supporting a support plate of the gripping metal fitting. While, the gripping metal fitting is constituted by being integrally molded in a cross-sectional key shape out of a support plate for supporting a load by abutting on the overhang part by penetrating through the support hole, a bending part suspended at a right angle to the support plate and having the tip forming a claw shape, and a cross-sectional U-shaped bridging part for connecting the bending part and the support plate. Such a panel mounting bracket is used. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 ALCパネル等の薄型パネルを建築物の躯体に取り付けるための金具であって、壁パネルの表面にビス跡が残らず、かつ面外方向の力に対してパネルの破損を防ぐ性能を兼ね備えた躯体に取り付けるための取付金具と、その取付金具を使用した施工方法が極めて簡単な薄型パネルの取付構造を提供する。 【解決手段】 固定金具と把持金具から構成され、該固定金具は建築物の躯体に当接する垂直面からなる基部と、該基部上端から壁外側方向に直角に曲げられた張出部とが断面が逆L字状に一体成形されて構成され、前記基部にはネジ穴を有し、前記張出部には前記把持金具の支持板を貫通させて支持するための支持孔を有し、一方、前記把持金具は前記支持孔に貫通させて前記張出部に当接して荷重を支える支持板と、前記支持板と直角をなして垂下して先端が爪状をなしている折曲部と、該折曲部と支持板とを繋ぐ断面がコの字状の架橋部とが断面がカギ型に一体成形されて構成されているパネル取付金具を使用する。 【選択図】図1




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