Vibration control device for bridge



【課題】 橋梁側の板部材と橋台又は橋脚側の板部材との接触状態を緩和して、2枚の板部材の間に介装された制振部材による制振機能を十分に発揮させることが可能な制振装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 制振装置3は、橋梁1の端部に固定的に設けられ、橋梁1から下方に延びる板部材4と、板部材4に対面する壁部5aを有する内側容器5と、橋台2に固定的に設けられ、内側容器5を収容する外側容器6と、板部材4と内側容器5の壁部5aとの間に介装された制振部材7と、内側容器5と外側容器6との間に充填された粘性流体8とを備えている。 【選択図】 図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vibration control device for a bridge, which functions to cushion contact between a plate member arranged on the side of a bridge and a plate member arranged on the side of an abutment or a pier, and sufficiently exerts a vibration control function by a vibration control member interposed between the two plate members. SOLUTION: The vibration control device 3 is rigidly arranged at each end of the bridge 1, and formed of the plate member 4 extending downward from the bridge 1, an inside container 5 having a wall portion 5a facing the plate member 4, an outside container 6 rigidly arranged on the abutment 2 and housing therein the inside container 5, the vibration control member 7 interposed between the plate member 4 and the wall portion 5a of the inside container 5, and a viscous fluid 8 filled in a gap between the inside container 5 and the outside container 6. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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