Pattern identifying device



【課題】硬貨等を識別の対象とし、撮像手段で取得した識別対象の画像に基づいて前記識別対象の模様を識別する模様識別装置において、識別性能を向上させる。 【解決手段】通路を通過する識別対象に光を照射する照明手段と、前記識別対象からの反射または透過光を受光する撮像手段と基準画像を記憶する記憶手段とを備え、前記撮像手段で取得した画像と基準画像とに基づいて前記識別対象の模様を識別する模様識別装置において、撮像手段16で事前に読み取った画像に基づいて読み取り条件の調整を行うことにより、一定画質の画像データを得ることができる。そのため、模様を正確に識別することが可能になる。 【選択図】図8
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pattern identifying device for identifying an identification object pattern based on an identification object image acquired by an imaging means by using a coin as the object of identification for improving identifying performance. <P>SOLUTION: This pattern identifying means is provided with an illuminating means for irradiating an identification object passing through a path with the rays of light, an imaging means for receiving reflected or transmitted rays of light from an identification object and a storage means for storing a reference image, and configured to identify the pattern of the identification object based on the image acquired by the imaging means and a reference image. Reading conditions are adjusted based on an image preliminarily read by the imaging means 16 so that it is possible to acquire image data whose image quality is constant. Thus, it is possible to accurately identify the pattern. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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