Organic information reading sensor, method of manufacturing same, and information reader using same



【課題】本発明は、有機材料を受光部に用いた読み取りセンサにおいて、隣り合う受光部間の光漏れを抑制し、高詳細で高品質な情報の読み取りを行うようにすること。 【解決手段】電極間に少なくとも1種の有機材料を挟み光信号を電気信号に変換する受光部21を複数個備えた有機情報読み取りセンサ23において、複数の受光部21の間に非透光性絶縁体22が配置された構成とした。複数の受光部21の間に非透光性絶縁体22を配置することで、迷光の発生が抑制され、滲み等のない高品位な情報の読み取りが可能となる。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To carry out highly precise information reading of high quality by suppressing the light leakage between neighboring light-receiving elements in a reading sensor in which an organic material is used for the light-receiving elements. <P>SOLUTION: The organic information reading sensor 23 has a plurality of light-receiving elements 21, each of which interposes at least one kind of organic material between electrodes and converts a light signal to an electrical signal, wherein a non-translucent insulator 22 is arranged between neighboring light-receiving elements 21. By arranging the non-translucent insulator 22 between neighboring light-receiving elements 21, occurrence of stray light is suppressed, and high-quality information-reading without oozing out or the like can be carried out. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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