Reaktivverdünnerzusammensetzung und härtbare harzzusammensetzung

Composition de diluant reactif et composition de resine durcissable

Reactive diluent composition and curable resin composition


The present invention provides a reactive diluent composition which overcomes drawbacks of both the radical-cure and the cationic-cure reactive diluents and can be applied in a broad variety of uses such as paints, inks, adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, surface-modifiers, and molding materials; a curable resin composition containing the same; an activated energy ray-curable resin composition; and an activated energy ray-curable ink composition for ink-jet printing. A reactive diluent composition comprising    a vinyl ether group-containing (meth)acrylic ester represented by the following general formula (1): CH 2 =CR 1 -COO-R 2 -O-CH=CH-R 3    wherein R 1 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; R 2 represents an organic residue of 2 to 20 carbon atoms; R 3 represents a hydrogen atom or an organic residue of 1 to 11 carbon atoms and    a hydroxyl group-containing polymerizable compound and/or divinyl ether.




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