Adjustable chalk clip


  • Inventors: WANG JIANSHENG
  • Assignees: 王建生
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202428896-U


The utility model discloses an adjustable chalk clip, which consists of a pen container frame, compressed spring sheets, a clamping sheet, a cartridge, a tightness-adjustable chalk point, a lifting column, a spring and a locking cap, wherein seven cylindrical holes are formed at the periphery of the pen container frame; the outer sides of the cylindrical holes are provided with the compressed spring sheets, and the inner sides of the cylindrical holes are provided with open slots; the cartridge is cylindrical, a central hole is formed at the central position of the cartridge, and an inlet groove is formed at the upper end of the cartridge; the upper end of the cartridge is connected with the pen container frame through the clamping sheet in a sleeved mode, and the lower end of the cartridge is provided with the tightness-adjustable chalk point; the lifting column is engaged with the central hole through threads; and the lower end of the lifting column is provided with the spring and the locking cap. When the adjustable chalk clip is used, fingers are not contacted with chalks, so that the adjustable chalk clip is clean and sanitary; and seven chalks in different colors are filled in the pen container frame, so that the chalks can be quickly and conveniently replaced at any time according to the requirements of writing and drawing. The adjustable chalk clip has a simple structure, is convenient to operate, brings convenience to teachers and is suitable to be popularized.




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