Rapid broach straightening device



The utility model discloses a rapid broach straightening device, which comprises two brackets which are horizontally arranged at intervals, and a limiting rack, wherein a V-shaped bracket supporting opening is formed on each bracket; the two bracket supporting openings are overlapped in the direction of a connecting line of the two brackets; the limiting rack is a hollow frame, can be fixed between the two brackets and is provided with a saddle-shaped force transfer block; through holes in upper and lower directions are formed on the top frame of the limiting rack; a force application rod penetrates through the through holes; the lower end of the force application rod is contacted with the force transfer block which is arranged below the top frame of the limiting rack; and the vertical distance between the highest point of an inner wall of the force transfer block and the low point of the bracket supporting openings is equal to or greater than the diameter of the broach. The straightening aim is fulfilled by applying pressure to the high point at a bent part, and the device is simple in structure and convenient to operate, the applied force is controllable, and the broach is rapid and effective; and moreover, the rapid broach straightening device is suitable for straightening various broaches.




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