Inverter power supply and power supply system applying same



The utility model discloses an inverter power supply and a power supply system applying the same. The inverter power supply comprises a charger, an energy storage unit, a synchronous detection module, an inverter and a system controller, wherein the charger is connected with the energy storage unit to charge an energy storage power supply for energy storage; the synchronous detection module detects the frequency and the phase of a main power supply, generates a detection signal and outputs the detection signal to the system controller; and the system controller generates a pulse signal for driving connection and disconnection of a switching tube in the inverter according to the received detection signal, and outputs the pulse signal to the inverter to control the inverter to invert a direct-current power supply output by the energy storage unit into an alternating-current power supply which has the same frequency and phase as those of the main power supply for output. The inverter power supply solves the problem of low efficiency of the conventional online type uninterruptible power system (UPS), overcomes the defect that in the conventional backup type UPS, a fast switching condition is unavailable, meets a requirement on continuous power supply of a backward state load, and feasibly ensures the continuity of the work of a sensitive load.




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