Novel lamp holder connecting structure



The utility model discloses a novel lamp holder connecting structure which comprises an embedded connector, screw holes, perpendicular holes and horizontal holes. The embedded connector is composed of connecting screws and eccentric clamping wheels. The screw holes connected with the connecting screws are reserved on a lamp holder. The perpendicular holes for embedding the connecting screws are reserved at the lower end of a lamp post. The horizontal holes for embedding the eccentric clamping holes are perpendicularly communicated with the perpendicular holes and are reserved on the lateral side of the lamp post. The lamp holder is connected with the lamp post through the embedded connector. The connecting screws function in connecting and fixing and also function as positioning pins. The lamp posts can be quickly mounted and assembled and can be conveniently disassembled. The lamp holder is separated from the lamp post, so that packaging space and transporting cost are reduced.




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