Automatic blocking-preventing device of TBS (teetered bed separator) and TBS applying same


The utility model discloses an automatic blocking-preventing device of TBS (teetered bed separator). The automatic blocking-preventing device comprises an air inlet pipeline, an air outlet pipeline and an air discharging pipeline, wherein the air discharging pipeline is arranged at the circumference of a water spraying chassis of the TBS device, wherein the air inlet pipeline and the air outlet pipeline are connected by a valve, and an air outlet of the air outlet pipeline is communicated with an air inlet of the air discharging pipeline. According to the automatic blocking-preventing device of TBS and the TBS applying the same, when the separator stops, a plurality of spraying nozzles distributed on the chassis can be effectively prevented from being blocked by falling materials, so that the plurality of spray nozzles distributed on the chassis need not to be cleared manually, and the labor cost is reduced.




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