Sealing and clamping device of mill



The utility model relates to a sealing and clamping device (7) of a mill, which comprises a sealing ring (1), a pressing plate (2), a clamping ring (3), a steel wire rope (4), a tensioning frame (5) and a bolt and nut combination (6). The contact surface of the sealing ring and a mill slipper rolling ring (11) is in the shape of an inverted 'V', molybdenum disulfide lubricant is filled in the contact surface, a first outer end face (1-1) of the sealing ring fits with a mill slipper cover (9), a second outer end face (1-2) of the sealing ring is provided with the clamping ring pressed by a pressing plate, a pressing plate hole (2-1) is arranged on the pressing plate, a support (12) is arranged on the mill slipper cover, a support hole (12-1) is arranged on the support, the bolt and nut combination penetrates through the support hole and the pressing plate hole, the outer circumferential surface (1-3) of the sealing ring is pressed by one end face of the tensioning frame, the steel wire rope penetrates through the other end of the tensioning frame, and two ends of the steel wire rope respectively penetrate through angle steel (10) on the lower portion of the mill slipper cover and are fastened by a rope clip (8) after the steel wire rope penetrates through the tensioning frame.




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