Wrist type heart monitor


  • Inventors: WANG JIANBIN
  • Assignees: 王建斌
  • Publication Date: September 05, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202408869-U


The utility model relates to a wrist type heart monitor which is formed by a minitype heart monitor, a loudspeaker, a small pill case with a warning light, an automatic SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card dialing module and an automatic stimulating and rescuing module that are electrically connected in sequence. When the heart attack of a patient is detected to occur by the heart monitor, an alarm is given and stored voice is played by utilizing the loudspeaker; caution light is given by utilizing the pill case with the warning light to guide people around to take and feed medicine to the patient; in the meantime, the pre-stored hospital and family phone numbers are automatically dialed through the automatic SIM card dialing module and the concrete position of the patient is informed to the hospital and the family through the GPS (Global Positioning System) positioning function of the SIM card; meanwhile, the patient is rescued through a charged pricking needle with medicine, which stretches out of the rescuing module.




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