Multifunctional shoe rack



The utility model relates to a multifunctional shoe rack, belonging to the technical field of articles for daily use. The multifunctional shoe rack comprises a rack body and is characterized in that at least one storage layer is arranged at the lower part of the rack body, an ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is arranged at the upper part of each storage layer, and key hooks and ventilation fans are arranged on one side of the rack body. By adopting the technical scheme, the multifunctional shoe rack has the beneficial effects that the structure is simple, the design is reasonable, the shoe rack is convenient to use, the shoe rack not only can be used as a common shoe rack, but also can be used for placing shoes which are not wear for a long term, odors in the shoes can be prevented, harmful bacteria can be prevented from being bred in the shoes and the upper part of the shoe rack can be used for placing clothes and keys.




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