Rolling wheel of flange ring rolling mill



The utility model discloses a rolling wheel of a flange ring rolling mill. The rolling wheel comprises a rolling wheel body and a rolling wheel end cover, wherein the rolling wheel end cover is assembled on the rolling wheel body; an abrasion-resistant sleeve is sleeved on the surface at the middle section on the circumference of the rolling wheel body. Because the rolling wheel comprises the rolling wheel body and the rolling wheel end cover, the rolling wheel end cover is a shared body of all dies; different rolling wheels can be formed by change of the specifications of the rolling wheel body so as to adapt to the processing of flange blank pieces with various specifications and consequently the storage space of the rolling wheel is reduced. As the easily-abraded part in the rolling wheel is the rolling wheel body or the rolling wheel end cover and only the part in the rolling wheel needs to replace in the replacement of the rolling wheel, the die cost is reduced greatly. When the rolling wheel generates a defect and needs to repair, only the part generating the defect needs to repair and the part is smaller in volume and lighter in weight than the rolling wheel whole body, thus being convenient to repair; and the rolling wheel is small in occupied storage space, low in cost and convenient to repair.




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